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OWN by Steve Larkin
(PRE ORDER) £9.99

RELEASE: 1st June 2019

OWN (Your own Steve Larkin Poetry Adventure) is the long awaited collection of poems and work from Steve Larkin!

A book that connects to a
world wide web of wordly possibilities. 

OWN Steve Larkin gives full access to a breathtaking breadth of poems, songs, and performances from this trailblazing artist through a collection of written word that links to a whole host of digital treats: from video and audio recordings of hilarious gig moments, to animated enhancements of rich poetic expression, to glorious climaxes reached from the front of a gypsy klezmer ska band, all collected and connected like a dungeons and dragons quest.

Three decades of work captured in one multimedia extravaganza of a book.   
Want a bit of Steve Larkin?  
You can have it all, and in any order you want!


"Electrifying fusion of music and the spoken word...affability and quick, biting wit with the social conscience of Pete Seeger"
***** Victoria Times Colonist

"Superb spoken-word - essential viewing" 
***** Fringe Guru

"Prepare to be stunned and inspired by the power of Larkin’s spoken word.” ***** Edmonton Sun, Canada
“Part philosophy, part hysterically funny humour” Nightshift Magazine

Your OWN STEVE LARKIN Poetry Adventure
- my debut collection after only 30 million years!
Available through Burning Eye Books to buy in advance of release!

Steve will perform sets from the book at:

June 4th - Hammer & Tongue Hackney, Book Club
June 5th - Hammer & Tongue Bristol, Loko Club
June  6th - Hammer & Tongue Brighton, Komedia
June 11th - Hammer & Tongue Oxford, Od Fire Station
June 12th - Hammer & Tongue Solent, Art House

June 14th - Hammer & Tongue Cambridge, Junction

June 27th - 20:30, 29th - 16:30, June 30th - 15:00 - Golden Lion Tap, Barnstaple  Fringe - TICKETS
July  25th-28th
- WOMAD Festival - Hip Yak Poetry Shack


1st of June - 1:30 - 10:30pm
The Royal Albert Hall - London  -

Steve will be hosting the

Hammer & Tongue National

Slam Final and will fill

in with the odd poem/song - your first opportunity for

a signed copy!


3rd of June - 8 - 10:30pm
North Wall - Oxford -

Official launch event - the first full audience-led Steve Larkin adventure.

Steve will perform the pieces you navigate to from the book no matter how badly you choose!

With support from two fantastic solo musician friends Susanna Starling and Matt Sage.